Wednesday, January 25, 2006

4 hour lecture

Hi all,

Well, I had a 4 hour lecture yesterday. It was 3 people speaking about accessibility for the web. I thought it was cool as one of the speakers was blind. He had the cutest guide doggie ever. Anyway, he had some software which helps him know what on the screen, alos known as a screen reader. It reads out everything and when I say everything, I mean everything! The links, the login boxes, the content, the images, everything and the speed sounds like if you have a tape on fast forward but down one level. How he manages to know what is said is beoynd me.

He is a co-founder of AbilityNet and his presentation was fantastic. He showed us videos and needed people to tell him when it was finished and things and he knew exactly what he was talking about. It definatly put me in to perspective.

Anyway, thats all for now. Nothing much has gone on. I've been sleeping at proper times and getting up at 8am and I feel better for it.

Yay for sleeping patterns.
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

New tenant and stuff

Hey up people,

Well, first let me say a warm welcome to Fickin Chingers. She is my renter for this week. She is great, now please, go visit her...NOW!

Ok, now for the stuff part of this post. I started back at uni this week and so far my timetable is packed. I shall tell you the classes I have below:

9am-10am - HCI
1pm-2pm - Virtual Reality
2pm-5pm - Scripting

9am-11am(12pm) - 3D Modeling (Year 1 re-take)
11am-1pm - Virtual Reality
2pm-5pm - IPP

9am-11am - HCI

10am-1pm - Presenting and Promoting (year 1 re-take)

Ok, when writing that down, it doesn't seem that much but in real life, its a packed week. Don't forget, I have to study(!), go to work, eat, go out, shop, and of course sleep. Not much to do anything really!

Apart from that, i've not much to say apart from that the 2nd series of House starts tonight on channel 5. Yay, Hugh Laurie is so great and strangely good looking!

Ok, thats all for now.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hey there

Well, my news is that I have Guildwars. I may have already said this but I have been playing it over the last few days and its great. I do lag but wow, its good. I had to make a new character as I made my other one go to the war zone way to early. Now I sort of know what i'm doing!

Anyway, other than that, I have been sat in doors playing yet another game. I say its a game but its half game half forum based and a whole role-playing thing. Its good. Its basically an avatar game where you make friends and have dream avatars and things. Check it out. Its called GaiaOnline. If you join, my name is AboutPaula!

Other than that, I went out on Friday night to a rock club. It was ok, never got drunk but got a giant pizza afterwards. Yay for take-away.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm back people - Happy new year

Well, hello there.

I am now back and connected to the net. I shall tell you all about my travels and even show you some new year photo's. Oh how lucky you are!

Anyway, I went home for christmas and new year and got back to uni last night. It was all quite fun but my house at home is absolutly freezing so its not the most comfortable place in the world.

My mattress at home is all lumpy and stuff which means I have to sleep around the bumps. When I turn over, my bed feels like ice. Its like I havn't been sleeping in it or something. However, my dog Bonnie is pleased to see me!

I went to midnight mass on christmas eve. The priest was quite funny. He was on about 'bling bling' and how words mean different things. It was quite cold out and had to walk there and back. That took about 15 minutes each way.

New year, I went to a place called 'Ford's Club'. I used to go when I was very young but then we stopped going. For some reason my Dad doesn't like it there but there are a lot of young kids running around. Its good for Carmen though. She fell asleep way before midnight. She is only 4 though!

My sister Sharon and my Dad got totally of their faces and Sharon had an argument with her boyfriend. Mostly that was because we had to walk home after the club had finished and he didn't want too! It only took about an hour but it didn't feel like an hour though.

Also went out once with Owen. He is great. Went to a pub and then went to an alternative night. I had so much fun. Got totally off my face and got Owen to stay round mine. My Dad wasn't pleased. Owen stayed on the sofa but nobody knew he was there. I did put a sign up but nobody saw it! The thought was there though!

Anyhoo, thats about all that happened. And now for the photo's (yes, I know, never start a sentence with and but who cares!).

Well, thats it.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Happy christmas people

Well, this is my last post for a few weeks but do not worry, I will bring plenty of stories and pictures for you all to enjoy.

I am leaving uni tomorrow and i'm going home to a house with no internet, sky tv or central heating! This should all be fun. However, I am working next week on the perfume counter of all things. I am the most un-perfumed person in the world (meaning I dont use it, not that I smell!) and they want me to do that instead!

I said yes as I get xmas eve off which is what I wanted. I've worked out that i'll be working about 30 hours in a week. Thats not bad really.

Cant wait to go home and see my family. I havn't seen them in 9 weeks or more but I do have a hell of a lot of work to do over the holidays!

Woot, christmas is coming. I spent almost £30 on petrol last night. That should get me home. It filled my tank up and i'll probably have some left over for a week or 2!

Ok, enough babbling. Sorry for the short post but its like 5am or something and i'm slightly tired!

Seeya in 3 weeks.

(ps, leave me a few comments so I feel special, thanks)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Please welcome my renter for this week

Ok, I decided to join the whole 'rent my blog' thing and have decided to have Pia as my winner. So go see her. Its worth it.

On other news, I got rented too by IdentityMIA. Thank you for that.

On a uni update, I have 4 days to hand in work and to be quite honested, i'm not sure whether i'll get it all done. Now, i'm not giving up or anything but it will be a miricle (and i'm all for those by the way!) if it does happen.

Went to work today although yesterday I phoned in sick. Never had an interview or anything like i'm supposed too but i'm sure they'll do it before I go home.

MESSAGE TO SELF: Ring work at home to say that i'm coming back next week!

I was on the kiosk today and asked many people for ID as they have to be 16+. Some of them I wasn't sure of so asked. One had ID and showed it, one was arrogant and swore at me before walking off and one just said' I havn't got any'. I said 'Well, I cant serve you then i'm afraid, sorry'. He said 'Ok, fair enough' and walked off. That shoked me more!

Then, right at about 9:50pm (we close at 10pm), some man tried buying alcohol. Now, our company has just brought in an under 21 rule. The legal age to buy alcohol is 18 but if we think (or know ) that they are under 21 we have to ask them for ID. If they have it, they can buy the drink. If not, then they cant!

Anyway, this dude comes up to me. Now, he is from a foreign country (where makes no difference). I know a couple of people from random places like iraq, albania, that sort of thing who look older than they are and this dude did look under 21 so I ask him for ID. He doesn't speak English very well and says he doesn't understand (thats why I mentoned he was foriegn!). I try to tell him that he needs a picture ID or I cannot sell him the drink (a bottle of whisky, I think) and he doesn't understand. 5 minutes later, he does get the message and he says ok and walks off.

Now, my managers were watching me do this. Not on purpose I do not think but they were near enough to hear me explain to him our policy. One of them (a woman), freaks me out by appearing from no-where (after he has left) and says that I did a great job in telling him no as when he left me, he went to get his friend to buy it for him. They stopped them somehow, I dont know. She goes on to say that the male manager (not on my department) said he was very pleased to see me doing this.

She walks off leaving me still quite freaked out because i'm sure she did just pop out from no-where! The male manager comes over 2 minutes later and congratulates me.

Ok, I know its not a big thing but it is really. I do quite like my job (strangely enough, somepeople actually don't understand why, considering its a supermarket!) and this under 21 thing is a lot more diffcult than everyone thinks. We get shouted at and sometimes threatened. Tills get snatched from under us and people sometimes try to rob us and now we have to ask people who could really just grab us and hurt us, for ID!

Apparently, its to stop all the binge drinking stop. The uk is one of the highest places in the world where underage drinking is all the rage, just like underage smoking. This is just another way of trying to stop it. I hope it will work, i'm not too sure whether it will or not though.


Anyway, go visit those blogs. Oh, while i'm here, give my mates blog a look over. Cazza is very stressed at the mo because of all the work we have to do so she could do with some chearing up :)


Ok, thats enough now.


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Monday, December 12, 2005

My sleeping pattern is fu....

Yeah, well you get the point!

It got worse. I phoned in sick because I had had 2 hours of sleep and felt quite ill. I was halfway through getting dressed when I realised that going in was going to be a bad mistake. So, I phoned in and went back to bed. I phoned in at 12pm, supposed to be there at 1pm. I eventually got up at 8pm and I could still now fall asleep again. My body is in such a state. Christmas will sort it out, i'm sure of it. (crosses fingers)

Anyway, I found a place to hold any podcasts i'll do so maybe at christmas i'll do loads and then put them up when I get back in January. They'll be a bit belated but why does that matter!

Anyhoo, i've forgotten anything else that I might want to be talking about but of course I have one more thing to add. I have become a member of the ShoutBox Hall Of Fame. Now this is not something totally connected with BlogExplosion but the people who use the shoutbox over at BE. So, why not pop over there and leave a comment or 2.

Ok, bye for now.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

I might learn to podcast

Well, i've been thinking about it and more and more I feel like talking to you people might be better. However, I hate the sound of my voice and making people around the world hear it too just might be too much! I'll have to investigate it first and see. Maybe i'll make another blog but have it as a podcast and see how it goes. Could be interesting if nothing else!

On other news, I have just been doing some php scripting and my god is it a pain in the bottom. I'll get it eventually but its just too difficult to concentrate on it without going insane. I think i'll get into it on Saturday and perhaps tomorrow night too and really get a hold of it. Once I understand what I have to do, it'll come to me straight away. First things first, design the layout and stuff then do the programming. Obviously, things can go wrong but well, it should be easy enough to create the website just plainly although I do have to use databases. I am so thinking that I should've concentrated on databases at college!

Anyhoo, thats about it really. I shall update during my ordeal.


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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lesley's birthday

Well, I went out for the first time in 3 months on Saturday. Got totally off my face. It was quite fun. My housemate, Lesley was 25 so about 10 of us went out to a rock club. It was good music and I somehow spent £19!

I did however get free chips and cheese, onion rings and a waffle which made the night go good. I was up til half 6am and got up at half 10 to get in for work by 12. I got there but figured out that I was again an hour early so went for something to eat. I was quite greatful for the hour as it took me all that time to eat something because I felt weird.

I wasn't exactly ill but felt slightly funny inside. It went away eventually and I got hungry again normally.

A couple of photos are needed I think.

I do like random photos of people. Anyway, Lesley is the first one. The girls went dressed up as fairy's apart from Caroline who went as a Ninja as she couldn't get any fairy wings!

I got off with some random man named Andy too. Again, that was quite weird and I have no idea what he looks like! Ah well, it was still fun and I cant wait to do it again. That probably wont be until after the new year. I'm going to try not go wild with my loan this time and only do nessecities. I wonder if I can resist the urge to buy crap!

Anyway, seeya.
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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Went to Manchester


Well, yesterday, I went to Manchester to start my christmas shopping but never got anything! It didn't go as well as I thought that it would which means I need to go into town and do some proper shopping. I wont be buying people expensive presents as I can't afford it but I did however get my loan letter on Tuesday but when I went to take it to the office, they said I had to get another form signed by my tutor to say i've been attending and doing work!


So, i'll have to do it tomorrow which means that hopefully, i'll have the money by next wednesday. Yay. Its only 7 weeks late!

Apart from that, I havn't been doing much. It snowed the other day but I slept through it! And yesterday, I had over 14 hours in bed with about 13 hours sleep. Thats not good.

Ah well, seeya.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Too much sleep

Ok, today, I should have gone to class at 2pm, alas, I did not officially get up til 4pm.

This is getting stupid. I was very tired yesterday and ended up having a nap for an hour or 2 and was very tired again afterwards. However, I didn't go to sleep til nearly 5am so i'm doing myself even more damage!

I really have to sort that out.

On other news, my story is no where near starting let alone finishing and its now the 3rd week of nanowrimo. I was excited about it but now feel very sad about it. Its exactly like my uni work, I really need to get a move on with that.

I was supposed to be filming today and yesterday but didn't get the phonecall which was stupid and i'm working on the next few days so I cant do it then. Hopefully i'll have to make up something, i'll have to speak to colin about it.

Ok, i have pictures from firework night. They are of course of fireworks. We went to Fenton and some of us went on the waltzers. They were so fun. I havn't been on them for years, anyhoo, here are the pics:

Arn't they pretty. Well, I think that this is enough information for one day, enjoy the pictures.
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Monday, November 07, 2005


Well, this year I decided to take part in Nanowrimo and although it started off good, I havn't wrote anything for the last 4 days! I am however going to pick it up again and i'm not too sure why I havn't continued doing it. I got all involved in looking up how to publish which is stupid as I have yet to actually write the thing! I suppose its good to plan ahead!

Anyway, I havn't done much lately. Went to the cinema last week and saw Wallace and Grommit, it was quite funny. Should be going to see the Corpse Bride tomorrow.

Still havn't got my loan through, damn thing. Should get the letter this wednesday apparently! Hope it comes soon, the landlord is doing his nut!

Anyway, sorry this is boring. All I do is go on line and do crap. I did a bit of my website/portfolio thing and it looks slightly better. God I have a lot of work to do!
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Sunday, October 23, 2005

I'm sorry

I know I said I would post everyday but come on, I procrastinate like a bugger!

Anyway, what have I been doing. Well, i'm still waiting for my student loan to come through which is a bit messed up but hopefully I wont be waiting for too long.

Guess what?

I've signed up for NanoWriMo. Yay so next month I shall try and do my work, go to work, and write 50,000 words of a novel.

Cant wait really. I was too late to join last year but have been signed up for a few weeks now.

I went out last Monday too. It was good. My friend Lesley lent me £20 so I could go. I also had Chinese last night, yum and take-away omelete tonight but now I feel a bit fat!

Ah well, I had to eat something.

So, i've been to work a couple of times, going again tomorrow too at 12:30pm. Should be ok but my till played up on me last night. The damn Chip&Pin stopped working which made the whole process long for no reason at all.

Well, anyway, thats about it now, I think my pc has frozen :(

It keeps doing that, i'll have to sort it out!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I have the internet

Ok, my wireless connection is utter crap but using a wire actually lets me connect.

Its been nearly a month without the internet working and its utter yayness on a stick.

Ok, for the update.

I've been to bristol to see my family. It was ok but I got slightly lost! Got chatted up by a 59 yr old man and I danced a bit. Quite a good 2 days really. Had a horse ride, even though I dont like horses and had a massive ice cream which turned out to be quite sickly!

Been at uni now for 3 weeks, it looks like it will be a lot of work. Never mind, thats why i'm here!

OMG - Lost. We are currently in series 1 about halfway through I think and wow, its good. There are other people on the island. Oh sorry for the people who havn't seen it!

Anyway, off to explore the wonder of the web!

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Hi all

Well, just a quick post about what i've been up to, whih you can guess is nothing.

I went ot the other night to a club and it was ok but they have made it well small for no apparent reason really, anyway, got to go,

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Long time, no post!

Well, i'm back at uni now and have yet to get any internet at my new house so this will have to be a post that lasts a while i'm afraid!

The house isn't that bad but my room is quite small compared to the other 2 but if I had that much room, I would never be able to clear it up. Its still in a state at the moment!

I've now enrolled for the 2nd year and had a mini lecture today about the work placements for next year and whoop, i'm so going to try and get a placement. It sounds great.

Anyway, hopefully we'll get the internet sometime soon as i'm currently sat in a room with about 30 other people who are also using the computers for reading e-mails and stuff. Much as there great, I like writing in my blog in my own space so I can write whatever I want without thinking that someone is reading over my shoulder!

So seeya for now.
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Monday, September 12, 2005

I've been reading a book

It's called Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and its really good.

This girl who was 14 when she got murdered by a man who lived on the same street as here, tells the story of how her family, friends and strangers coped with her murder and how she coped in heaven whilst watching them.

Its very sad and i'm almost finished. I'm quite glad my sister's made me read it!

Anyway, I have updated my blog by putting a new ticker up which is more colour co-ordinated to my blog and I have changed the clock colour too as someone said it stood out!

I have been mucking about with my new website yet again. The background I had was making the site lag and so I made my own ditsy one. It has a comment facility now too. Its still in construction but hopefully it will start to get visitors once I know exactly what I want on it!

Had my last weekend at work til christmas as i'm heading back to stoke on Saturday. I'll be working up there but here at home, I won't be back til christmas time which is in about 12 or 13 weeks, whoop.

Ok, there you have it.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

My niece started school

Well, thats right, Carmen started school for the very first time on Tuesday. She looked so cute.

When I saw her after school, sge wouldn't tell me what she had done but hey, I think she enjoyed it. She got really tired though as she was up at 8 asking whether she was going right that minute!

My last weekend at work is coming up. Whoop. Only about a week and a half left before I go back. I need to sort out that ticker too as its wrong! Typical me got the dates mixed up!

Ah well. Apart from that, not much else has gone on. Oh, I have a new website up. Its still in construction really but you can go see it here.

Thats it for now.

I promise that when I go back to uni, my life will *hopefully* get more exciting, until then you have to bear with boring crap.

Bye for now.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Uni starts soon, yay

Well, i've decided to go back to uni on the 10th of September. When I say go back I mean move into the house. Obviously thats if the keys come!

I went back to work last Saturday. It felt like ages since I was there working. Saturday saw me doing menial jobs as I wasn't on the rota yet again! They said theres no point on being put on it now as i leave next week! Ah well, maybe next time!

I went to a smaller bootsale on bank holiday Monday as I didn't have to work. Ate a burger. Wasn't feeling very well. I have a suspician that work is trying to poison me again with dodgy chocolate.

Ah well, I know, another boring post but hey, i've forgotten what I wanted to say!

'I forget'
'What does forget mean?'
'Forget means your mum!'
'My mum what?'
'I dunno, I forget....'

and so on, lol.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Well, this would've been the v festival weekend

If we hadn't of taken our 'break', the weekend just gone would have been spent enjoying the v festival that I was so looking forward to.

Alas, I spent the weekend on the net playing games and basically doing bugger all!

How depressing.

I went to a giant bootsale and bought a book for 25p, a cheese-burger for £2.20, and a bottle of fanta for £1. I do think that drink way way to expensive but Carmen was thirsty! It was good until Sharon decided to run off for 2 hours with my car keys and the pram. I was not impressed at all!

Anyway, i've been playing secondlife still. Its good but i'm no good at building or anything!

Ok, thats it.
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Had a bbq tonight


I have done nothing all day as usual. I still havn't heard from uni and my Dad keeps having a go at me about it.

"Well, why don't you phone them and ask them whats going on?" says Dad

"I gave them our telephone number and told them to ring if there were any problems. They would ring me and tell me that I havn't got in." I said, really hoping that its true.

"If you havn't got in, your going to have to work full time at work."

"I know, which is why i'll go redo the first year if nessersary!"

I gave up at that point cos he burst into a giant rant about how i've always mucked up my education and how I said I was going to be different than my sisters and he'll stop me from doing anything but working full-time at work if I havn't got in!

I got up and walked away from him at that point cos he was doing my head in!

On other news I had a bbq for dinner. Very nice and tasty.

My niece was sick about 5 times throughout yeaterday. We think she caught the heat. Poor little woman.

And thats it!

Sorry but I havn't done anything else!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

No overtime available


Work has hired so many new people that now there is no overtime. Thats bad for me as I need the work to earn more money.

Ah well, today I had to scramble to get my Uni work in on time. Not sure if I was succesful or not so I could actually be chucked out! Hopefully I wont as its irritating and apparently my dad will be very upset if I have to do the year over again! Havn't told him about the units that I have to already redo! Shhh!

Anyway, I found this new game SecondLife. Its a 3D virtual online game which you download and play. Yes, there is a fee (one off or monthly) but you get a 7 day free trial which you can then stop the payment. If not, it automatically pays out. Give the link a click, and have a look.

Apart from that, I was at work Sat & Sun. It wasn't bad. Saturday was a bit boring and Sunday I was on customer services. It actually went quite well on Sunday. We were all clear on the desk (which never happens) and I got to learn some new stuff.

Apart from that, I done nothing!

Well thats it for now,


P.s I'm gonna try and use technorati tags on my posts, that is of course I learn how to do them.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

What I got

Well, my birthday is now over but I can now tell you what I got.

Thats the end of my list. I didn't realise I got so much stuff. Whoop.

I also went to a wildlife park. Saw Tigers, Lions, Ostriches, Wallaby's, a Porkupine, small Monkeys, Iguanas, Snakes, an Aligator, Camels, Zebra's, Leopard, Jaguar, 2 Geofrey's Cats*, small farm animals such as sheep, guinea pigs(so want one!) and very tiny baby rabbits(very very very cute). Also saw tortoises, Tapirs, something that looked like an ant-eater, and Meerkats.

*Geofreys cats are cats that have the fur of leopards (I think)!

Before that however, I went to the garage, picked up my car and got charged £188. I thought a service was free. Nope. £127 worth of maintenance fees and nearly £30 for oil. OIL!!!!! C'mon, I can get oil for less than £5!

I was sickened.

Then we went for dinner at the Harvester. Vey nice meal but I had to pay £22. Thats £5 MORE than everyone else because Sharon didn't have any money. She says she's gonna give me a tenner. Too right she is!

I had to pay for my entrance into the park too so all in all I spent £220! Excellent, no wonder I never have any money! And I only got paid last week. I have no money for the rest of the month!

Apart from that, it was a great day.
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Friday, August 12, 2005

Happy birthday to me

Whoop, its my birthday today.

I'm now 22. I'll have to change my profile thingy with some different stuff.

Thinking of going to an animal zoo/safari thing if the weather is nice. Have to go get my car from the garage place first, I finally gave her a service, I bet they say bad stuff about her condition. :'(

Went to Bingo tonight for free. Mecca Bingo do this deal where you can play for free and win cash. The caller went so fast and Tracey kept chatting which made me and Sharon AND Tracey miss numbers! Was fun though. We might make it a regular thing.

Missed Lost on Wednesday. I've been waiting for it to come on TV for 3 months and now it has and i've missed the first 3 episodes! Can catch up on Sunday though so that should be good.

I've been playing GTA: San Andreas which is fun but irritating all at the same time! Especially when the walkthroughs say the mission that I cant do are really fun and easy!!!!

Ok, got to go. Will hopefully update soon.

Bye for now.
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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Been working


Well, since my last update, I havn't been doing much!

I've been working mostly just bits of hours here and there. Was ok, nothing special. I've had a couple of Sundays off and i've got tomorrow off too.

My birtgday is next Friday, i'll be 22. I have to remember to change my profile to something more exciting.

My car has an appointment for a service next Thursday. She has been having difficulty starting up straightaway. Slightly irritating!

Might start my story any day soon! It will get started eventually, might be today, dunno yet.

I've just started getting into Sudoku. Quite interesting and i'm able to do it but with the help on! Might try it without.

Thats all for now, sorry, but I have nothing really to say!
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Friday, July 29, 2005

My sisters are home

Well, its been a while so i'll update with whats been going on.

No update with the thing with Mike.

On Saturday, I went to work and done 10am-6pm. Stayed up til 4am, went to the airport at 5am and got my sisters and niece. It was good to see them but I got there half an hour after they had landed and thought maybe I had missed them but the timings in my head matched with the real thing!

The drive there was ok but the damn M11 AND M25 had diversions which put about 40mins on my journey! Damn roadworks. I think they were cleaning the road or something irritating.

So, we got home and I fell asleep on the chair and got sent to bed whilst my sisters (who had just got off a 15 hour flight) cleaned the house! It was horrible to think about what they were doing but they did it anyway! and they did a superb job too.

My niece was 4 on Tuesday too. Shes cute and can now spell her name properly and everything. We went bowling and for a while, I wasn't enjoying it but then I started to get strikes and stuff. I won in the end by 4 points I think. I had a total of 114 points. Not bad. I wanted to get over 100 so I was happy.

And thats it.

I played GTA: San Andreas today. Was doing ok but then got a bit bored, plus I had to go to work.

Well, thats it for now, seeya.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Well, I was wrong...

I am dumped, its official.

Well, we are officially 'taking a break' which is just the same.

I saw him today and we went to a pub. He told me in a pub full of people. It took me all of my might to not competely cry/sob uncontrollably. I had tears running down my face and my lip was wobbling and my chin had creased but still, I did not explode. I still can't believe we have split up.

That now means I can't go to V festival which completely sucks as I was really looking forward to it. Not only being there but being there with him. He said I could still go but I couldn't camp with him so whats the damn point. I couldn't go on my own.

My Dad was pleased that we have split up as he didn't like him. He was near-enough whooping for joy as I was crying my eyes out.

Well, I had to go to work after that so that wasn't fun. One of my worst days ever. I was rude, abrubt, not the cheery self I usually am. And I was speedier than usual!

On the good news, I got GTA: San Andreas through the post this morning. Damn postman left it on the porch though, anyone could've taken it. Well, at least I can go kill people now and pretend they are Mike!

I have to stop thinking of this otherwise i'll start crying again.

Bye for now. Hopefully my next post will be livelier!
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Friday, July 15, 2005

Well, i'm not dumped, i think!

Ok, an update about Wednesday with Mike.

So, I get round his house about 2:15pm. He greets me very, er, nicely and we spend a bit of time 'catching up'.

Afterwards, we continue his game of Broken Sword 1. Its a great game but his version cant save so if he dies, he has to start right from the start. Very irritating. Anyway, we play for about 3 hours trying not to die til, well, he dies! So he then says he has GTA:San Andreas. I have never played this so I start playing it.

Halfway through, I get irritated because I cant do it. He has said before that he shouldn't let me play games as I get too irritated too quickly and shout at him. Now, I only shout at him because I can tell what he's thinking which is 'Why cant she do it, I can do it, Its easy, I wish she'd let me do it, God she's taking forever'. I know you would get irritated too.

Oh, he was trying to give me instructions like 'Go left' so I go left. 5 seconds too late, 'wrong left'.


Hmmmm, anyway, he left the room after a while and I spent about an hour on my own! Needless to say thats why i'm not sure if i'm dumped or not!

I'm thinking not, hopefully.

Anyway, i'm now off to buy my version of Harry Potter and the half-blood prince. Whoop. Comes out at 12:01am, which is 30mins away.

Got to go, seeya.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hello there,

Well, today I started off waking up around half 12pm. My Dad said last night he would wake me at 11am so we could do the cleaning. He never did, he woke me at 12 instead. I don't mind, I wanted to sleep!

Once dressed, I watched a bit of TV. Neighbours. Then I did the washing up. The sink was full but it only took about half hour to do. I had XFM on the TV blasting music out. It got me through it! Once the washing up was done, I watched Diagnosis Murder. I really love that show. If Dick Van Dyke ever comes to the theater in the UK, i'm so going to see him.

So, my Dad cooked Bacon and Cabbage for dinner. I had to have it later than him as I went to work for 3 hours and 45 minutes. It was busy. I was on a basket till and the queues hardly stopped.

I had dinner when I got home but whilst sitting in my car at work I rang Mike (the engine was off - for any UK police officers reading this!) and he asked me to go round his place. It was just past 9pm so I said no. I'm seeing him tomorrow anyway but he wanted me there.

We're supposed to 'talk'. I hate that. I know its bad news, i'm sure of it but hey, i'll try to accept whatever he says.

Anyway, on other news, I have decided to make a story blog. It will contain one story which I will try to write a whole story and get very far to complete it. Bare in mind that the stories I do write are quite weird and the one's in my head are worse. This one will be very from in my head - if that makes sense! If not, I apologize. Anyhoo, the out come of something actually written down that people can comment on will be very scary. I will try not to get upset by comments that say its crap!

Ok, enough of this stuff, i'm getting scared.

Ooooohh, on a brighter note, Harry Potter and the half blood prince comes out on Friday (3 days people) and i'm gonna be one of those saddo's who buys it at 12am from work!

Bye for now.
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Friday, July 08, 2005

Some good news and some bad news

Well yes,

lets start with the good news. London got the go ahead to have the Olympics in 2012. Yes, that is 7 years away but its still very good news. It was very close between London and Paris but we managed to get it even though bookies had Paris as favourite.

Back the Bid at
Ok, now for the bad news. London was blown up by terrorists today at the middle of morning rush hour. Thats a very busy time. 3 underground stations and a double decker bus were blown up and so far, there have been many fatalities.
Here are some pictures from the scenes there today.
The news has terrofied people all over the world and many countries are now on high alert. A party who say they are related to Bin Laden has said it was them but nobody has ever heard of them. I hope those family's who have lost people today know that they are being thought of and the hope of catching the "people" is strong.
I am so grateful my sister, who used to work in london and would've probably been in that part of london today, is safe and sound in Thailand. I don't know what I would've done if anything had happened to her.
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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Rabbits, Chinese and CSI


again, I did nothing today. The weather was awful and my dad woke me up by shouting at me about not cleaning the rabbit out.

Yes, it was my fault as I should have done it yesterday! Anyway, I got dressed, watched a bit of tv, had beans on toast and decided to clean her out.

Ok, now, I say her. I've probably said in previous posts that Flopsy loves trying to mate my arm. Well, the other day, she showed me parts of her that girls shouldn't have so in my book, she is definatly male! Everyone has thought that she might be but as far as I know, nobody has ever checked! I however did today, and yes, my suspicions were agreed with!

So, after an hour of flopsy trying to have my arm for a partner, I clear out her/his cage and put her/him back.

I carry on watching tv.

It gets to 7pm, I start to get hungry, I count my change in my purse, works out to something like £14.35p. Not bad for my purse. I order chinese and spend £10.10p. Yum. One chicken chowmein, 2 packets of mini spring rolls. Sounds like dinner to me!

Whilst eating, I watched CSI.

Then I started writing this!

So, thats it for now, see-ya.
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What i've decided


Since my brush and total depression over my incredible growing debt, I decided to invest in an internet related business.

Now, I know what your thinking, as I thought the same, What about scams? They are going around where you invest so much and then your supposed to get rich.

Well, note the word debt, I can't afford anything steep and I noticed this thing on ebay. Its a tenner with money back guarantee. Its all safe with quotes saying how much they have earned. Also, on ebay, people leave feedback, and although there is the odd 1 or 2, they seem very good.

Obviously, if it doesn't work then i'm lost a tenner (the money back thing has a time limit) but if I make some money, some is better than none, right?

Anyway, also, i've decided to update this blog more often. I know I have nothing to say or report on but y'know, the thought is there!

Ok, so today, I got up at 1:30pm. After getting dressed, I came downstairs and watched tv. At 7pm, I came online.

Well, thats it although Charmed was really good. I havn't seen the start of series 7 but saw an episode further in the series and it looks good. I have a bad feeling that they are trying to get rid of Leo. That would be bad. And his haircut looks naff!

Ok, thats it for now.
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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ok, an update


even though I promised an update, there isn't actually anything to report!

Ok, since last updating, I have:

Hmmm, thats about it.

I'm thinking of starting a web business. It will cost me £45 to start off with which isn't bad and hopefully i'll start making money. The testimonies say the thing works so I spose, i'll try it and cry about it later!

Well, thats it for now although my blogshares went up to over B$5,000. It broke and shot down to B$1,500. It was going good though.
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Friday, July 01, 2005

I know its been a while but....

my phone was cut off!

Ok, but why havn't you updated, your phone has nothing to do with it I hear you cry, well, i'm on dial-up and it uses the phone. No phone means no dial-up which means, no updating!

The phone should be on within the next few days though which means I should be back up with everything.

I thought that since I was in an Internet cafe, I would tell you what was happening.

Thats it for now though, hopefully, I will update fuller.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Blogshares update

Ok, as you can see, I have an increasing amount of links appearing on my blog which, I know doesn't look pretty! However, this has now come to my advantage as my last 2 updates made blogshares update. This sent a message out to there system and as of 10 minutes ago, my shares went up almost B$60,000.

I don't really know if this is a good thing but hey, I have 40 incoming links from somewhere!
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Not much happening here

Well, not really much to report however I did go and see Batman begins which was actually quite good. Very scary and dark and at some points, funny!

I bought some books, one for my dad as a father's day present and the other is 'Solo' by Jill Mansell. Very good author. Does the trashy girly novels and i've been trying to find her latest which is very hard but I did and it was expensive so I didn't buy it!

Other than that, I went to work today, it was ok, went by not fast but not incredibly slow either. All in all I really have nothing to say, sorry.
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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm having a busy kind of week

Well, it does depend on what you call busy!

Since Monday I have seen Sin City and Mr & Mrs Smith at the cinema. I've been taken out to a thai restaurant which was actually quite nice, I have never eaten thai before. I've been to a pub and left alone for about an hour! I've been in a club with very loud rock/slash metal/death metal music, which was good. Although that would've been better if I knew people there and I am now going to the V Festival in August, woohoo.

On the bad side, Mike told me that he was ashamed to be seen out with me because of what I wear. That didn't make me feel too good and for a whole day I was in a very bad mood with him. He said he knew it would upset me so I prepared myself for it but on Tuesday (he told me on Monday night) he had no clue why I was all moody! I didn't tell him as everytime I thought about what he had said, I nearly started to cry!

I'm such an emotional person, its silly but what he said really upset me.

So, yes, on Friday i'm seeing Batman begins, not really sure whether i'm gonna like it or not but hey, Mike is paying for it!

Work related stuff, well, I worked for 3 hours today and have put myself down to be part of the recruitment squad. You get to sift through potential employee's application forms and say yay or nay to them being part of the Asda crew! Actually, thats what I presume you do. I have no idea really and all i've done is put my name on piece of paper. I'm gonna ring up work tomorrow and see if they want me to do it, they could say no!

Whatever the outcome, i shall report back here. Well, thats all i've done so far. So busy, well, in the going out with my boyfriend who wont go near while we're out incase anyone thinks we might be more than friends, then yes, i'm busy, anything else then no!
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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ok people, lets work together


I've decided that not many people are leaving comments or are linking to me. If there is something that you like or don't like about my blog, please tell me about it.

Right so I want to see some kind of linkage going on. Thank you.

Now, other than that, I havn't done much.

I went to see Mike at work on Sunday. Spent the whole evening with him. Never went to work on Sunday either as when I woke up, I felt a bit light headed. Just spent the day doing nothing, which was great.

Went to work on Monday though for 6 hours. Not bad. Quite busy and then dead right near the end of the shift.

Today, I have done nothing.

That, is it!

Should be going out on Thursday.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

I was sent home...


I know, how sad is that. Ok, ok, i'll tell you about it but slowly as i'm still getting over it!

Right, I go in at 10 o'clock ready to start serving people. As i'm setting up my till, I ask one of the checkout runners, Debbie, to get me a chair. She, who has always spoken to me in a huff (don't know why), said "There are no chairs, you should have been in earlier for a chair!" and she walks off.

Me, thinking 'Oh ok, no need to have an attitude about it though', starts serving people. 45 minutes later, I start feeling a bit sweaty, with an odd dizzy feeling. Within minutes, I have apparently gone grey. My vision starts snowing and fading, and my hearing gets worse and worse until all I can just about hear muffles.

The customers start to get worried and go get some help, which then makes the runners terrified including Debbie. In fact, within another few minutes, i'm sitting on a giant leather chair (borrowed from the Photo department) drinking water with everyone asking me if I was ok! Hmmm, 20 minutes later, i'm back on the till saying 'i'm fine, i don't want to go home, i'll be fine, i promise.'

So, Debbie comes back to me at 12:15pm, 1hour and 15 minutes after this episode and said "I want you to go home, if not, i'm talking to Rob (my manager) about whats happened!" Hmmm, i'm scared, not!

I say no but i'll go on my lunch break. During this break, I text Lesley and tell her whats happened, she rings me back and we have this giant convosation about how she doesn't trust her boyfriend and how annoying she is. I then phone home and tell my dad what happened which results in me going home because he threatened to come get me!

I thought I had had enough embarrassing moments for today so said I would go home. Apparently they all relaxed after that (the runners that is) as Debbie said the runner taking her place said she didn't want me there in case it happened again, nice!

So, all in all, I got to come home early and watch tv and go online, well, I got the better deal except for the losing money part!

I feel better, I did straight away but well, never mind. That was my exciting day!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Back at work


I've started back at work today. It was only for 4 hours but the time went very slow. It all started a bit bad too.

It was ok up until I actually got on the till. First, my number wouldn't connect so I had to use a runners number. Then, the printer was mucking-up by not printing! Then I had to try and figure out how to use the new help button thing, very irritating. Also, half way through the day, the cheque printer wouldn't work. I had to do a 'manual cheque'!

Lets hope it goes better tomorrow.

Anyway, on Sunday I went and saw the new Star Wars film, Return of the Sith. Everyone else who's blog I have read seem to mention it someway or another so I thought I would join in!

So, I thought it was quite good. I am a fan of Yoda anyway so he happened to be the best charachter in it. What I need to do though is watch all six in a row then it would make more sense.

I also went for dinner with Mike. It was at Frankie and Benny's. Very yummy and filling. He paid for it all. It was something like our 3rd date in 2 and a half years! I think he enjoyed it too.

Hmmm, I do love him. Its a great feeling inside to have.

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Some photos from the last week of Uni

Well, I decided to include some photos for your enjoyment.

Image Hosted by

This is of my room when I had packed everything up. There's a cupboard that you can't see and a sink which is just past the bed. It was quite a small room but it took me about 7 hours to pack everything!

Image Hosted by

This is a close up of my friend Lesley. Its quite scary but I quite like close-up photos, so there!

Image Hosted by

This last one is of me. It was taken around the same time as the close up one of Lesley.

So, there you have it.
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Ok, so i'm online but with dial-up

And dial-up sucks big time. I signed up with for 1p a minute. Not bad I hear you say but it will be if I spend a lot of time online.

So, to recap, i'm online but only for short periods of time. I've already been on for over 3 hours which works out to about £1.80. Ah well, a least a little time is better than no time at all.

This is only a small update but I spent a day and a half with Mike. Almost 24 hours spent in bed, just sitting there playing a game mostly but still in bed! I enjoyed it and so did he apparently!

I'm seeing him on Sunday. We're going to go see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I've been wanting to see it so I can make my own opinion on it. I've heard and read what other people think of it and so I think its my turn now.

Hmmm, random fact about what I think about the world and things in it: Patch Adams is a very sad film!
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Packing Day

Well, today after waking at 3:15pm, I have done bugger all.

When I came online, I went straight to BE to start getting credits. I'm getting some but I need to spend more time on there to get more. Being home will make that difficult but i'll get there eventually.

There are a few blogs that I really like, such as the Secret Postcards. I have no link to them but it is such a good idea and whether or not the secrets are true, I still like the thought of it.

Anyway, when I go home on Saturday, i'm not too sure when i'll be able to post next as I think the Internet has been cut off at home. Yes, I know i'm repeating myself but really, it is a problem. I havn't been without the net for about 2/3 years now and I think I might get withdrawel symptoms!

So, tomorrow, Friday, will hopefully be spent packing everything into boxes and things. I say hopefully but I don't want to do it. I want other people to come in and do it while I can play on the internet all day/night/whenever i'm up! It is of course my stuff so I have to do it but there's alot to pack but I do think maybe half is rubbish!

Ok, thats its now. I think I might go and cook some dinner although, Footballer's Wife's is on so I might watch that before, I dunno yet though.

Oh, I get Sunday lunch when I get home. My dad said he would cook it for me on Sunday. Chicken and everything with proper home made Yorkshire Pudding, none of that Aunt Bessies crap.

Anyhoo, see ya.
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WTF Forums - Go Rant Here

Well, hello again,

If by any chance your feeling a bit p****d off and have nobody to talk to, then go here to the WTF forums. You can probably guess what WTF means, if not then, What The F**k.

Its a very good place to let off steam without annoying people you know!

I should warn you that some people can be a bit 'aggressive' with the language of their post's but hey, they have an opinion too.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Summer holidays

Well, my dad came today to pick up some of my stuff and yes, he was very unimpressed about my lip ring. He said that I wouldn't be allowed back in the house at home on Saturday if I came home with it still in! I told him that really, its my own face and if I want holes in my face then I shall put them there!

He looked 'ashamed' of me and asked me about 'what the neighbours' would say. I said that I absolutly do not give a stuff about what the neighbours think. They don't have to look at me so they shouldn't say anything, if they do, well, i'll probably cry!

On more happier news, I got my Spider Plants. I thought it was only one that I was being given but nope, it was 2. They were free which is brilliant. If you want free stuff then go here to Its a place where the people in your area give you the chance to have 'that sofa i'm throwing out' or 'if anyone wants a bike, its a bit old but usable, i got a new one so don't need it'. That sort of thing. If you want to get rid of something and are literally gonna take it to the dump, offer it out first. Or if you want something, ask, someone may not want theres. Everything is free and you don't have to give stuff away if you don't want too!

Hmm, my dad didn't take much but thats my fault. I'll start packing soon enough but 'I don't wanna'! It will make me sad that i'm leaving the first year of uni. Its an era never to be seen again. Also, it was my first chance of seeing how I would feel about not living at home.

For those at any of the blog places, i'm not sure whether or not i'll be able to get online as I think the Internet has been cut off at home. I already have to many bills coming out which will stop. Oooh, how bad is this: £213.00p for 2 months of phone bill. I nearly nearly cried. Very very close to it. I'm so crap with my money.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

I should be doing work

Ah well,

My mouth hurts or rather my lip hurts a bit.

I stuffed myself with Chinese earlier, well yum!

I got up at 1:25pm today, quite early considering Lesley woke me up at 7am to say she was just going to bed! Nice of her to wake me and tell me that. I went to bed at about 5-ish just before Son's & Daughters came on Five.

Y'know, only having 5 tv channels is annoying but my god are they stupid. BBC1 shows boring stuff but have no ads, neither does BBC2 which is even more boring. ITV shows ok shows but the mornings turn into 'Chav tv' til about 1 maybe 2pm. Channel 4 at night is the funniest ones ever as they show all the extreme sex shows that the channels wont dare to touch! Five, well, has quality shows such as CSI and Charmed, Sunset Beach repeats, and films that most people want to see. The only thing is, is that it turns into a sport channel after 12am and the signal on my tv goes weird and fuzzes at the really good bits of shows!

Ok, thats it for now.
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Sunday, May 08, 2005

A picture for you

Image Hosted by

This is me with my lip and tongue piercing. I know it looks like its both my tongue but it isn't, I promise.
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I got my lip pierced

Today, I decided to give myself lots of pain and get my lip pierced. Its to add to my tongue piercing!

Anyway, it now hurts with an aching pain but I can eat which is the main difference from when I did my tongue. I have no clue what work is gonna say about it or what my dad is gonna do!

So, there you have it.
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Friday, May 06, 2005


Well, hello there,

I have decided to invest some time and 'money' into

Its a good game and I thought it would be interesting to see if I would do good in stocks.

Anyway, bye for now, come back as I will be updating from now on!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I'm bored

Ok, i've decided that I want to write whatever I like on this damn thing.

I was gonna write about funny things like pictures or something but I cant be arsed.

I'll tell you about myself, I care too much about what other people think about me. Clothes wise, I couldn't give a shit but generally especially about sex, I care.

If anybody walks past the door here or anywhere, I cant do anything. If I was going at it with Mike, and I was getting to a point of no return, I would have to stop because if I make any noise, what will the other people who hear think. They'll make snide comments or talk about me behind there back. I shouldn't care cos they do that anyway.

I can't go to the toilet if someone walks in. I have to either stop or wait til they leave. Its getting rediculous.

The other day, I was trying to get myself to that point and someone walked by my door, I had to stop.


I mean it. If I dont have an O soon, I think i'll explode or something.

The End for now.
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Friday, February 18, 2005


I've had my haircut. Its now nice and short, right up to my ears and everything. Its weird having shorter hair again as its been growing for a good 8-9 months. Ah well, its all better now.

Nothing much else has happened. I got up for my class on time and didn't feel like death at all. I managed to keep myself occupied for long enough to go into town. If I hadn't, I would've fell asleep straight away. I got back at about 5pm-ish and by 5:30, I was napping! I'm rediculous but I knew it would happen. This would be the perfect night to go to bed early but I really need to start doing work. I'm probably not gonna start it now but at least the thoughts there!
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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I've been drinking

Well, I havn't been drinking for any specific reason, just bored. I have to be up at 8 o'clock for a lesson at 9. I missed it last week as I wanted to sleep. I plan to go though this week so I should really go to bed now as its half 3am!

I really should go to sleep at an earlier time as I keep sleeping through the day, literally, I got up at 4:30pm today after going to sleep about 5:30am! I'm so silly.

Ah well, I know i'm doing myself damage, now all I have to do is something about it. I will do eventually when I make myself very ill!

Bye for now.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I want something to be interesting!

Well, I do believe the title says it all.

Nothing seems that interesting anymore. I also want my 'blog' to be long like everybody else's. I suppose it will be eventually if I keep writing in here. Ah well, I want it now.
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Yep, its official. I am bored. I'm always bored. Nothing really entertains me that much and if it does, it fades quickly.

I'm also in love. I have a boyfriend who lives 200 miles away and I never get to see him but we talk on the phone and he makes me feel nervous inside. Its a good nervous as it shows me that I have feelings for him and I like it.

Ho hum, I'M BORED.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hello there

Well hello,

Welcome to my blog. I will admit now that I do not know how many times this will get updated. Its a shame, I know but I might aswell be honest now right at the start.

I will continue this later as a repeated disection is halfway through being shown on TV and has made me forget what I was going to write!

See ya later.

Well now, i've just been mucking around on here and have added a link bit on the sidebar. It was actually quite difficult and confusing but, nevermind, its done now!

I thought I would come back and say that. Thats all.

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